Half regular chicken and Rio Grande Cola Champagne

Photo: Half regular chicken and Rio Grande Cola Champagne

Expanded description

Chicken: half regular - 2 sides & 2 sauces
Half regular chicken (with steak cut fries, cole slaw, and yellow/suave and green/picante sauces) and Rio Grande Cola Champagne (Champagne soda)

Restaurant information

El Pollo Rico

932 N Kenmore St
Arlington, VA 22201
United States

Recollectiveness review

Visit date

October 2013



There was a line inside the restaurant, and service was fairly efficient. One person was getting the chicken and sides, another the sauces/beverages, and yet another manning the cash register.

The meat wasn't particularly juicy, but it wasn't dry either. It was more juicy than dry. The best part was the spices on the chicken. The fries were okay; not much flavor. The chicken didn't seem to need the sauces, while the fries did. The yellow sauce tasted a lot like mayonnaise and seemed to work a lot better with the fries. The green sauce was pretty dry, and didn't stick to the fries very well. The cole slaw was just okay. The soda tasted like bubble gum soda.

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