Banana lumpia and Spam musubi

Photo: Banana lumpia and Spam musubi

Expanded photo information

Photo taken at PECO Building (Philadelphia, PA, USA)

Expanded description

Banana lumpia (fried banana, chocolate haupia dipping sauce) and Spam musubi (fried teri Spam, nori, rice)

Restaurant information

Poi Dog Snack Shop

Food truck: Philadelphia, PA

23rd St and Arch St
Philadelphia, PA
United States

Recollectiveness review

Visit date

June 2013



Service was good. The Spam musubi was pre-prepared and packaged, so if there was any waiting involved, it was for the banana lumpia.

The banana lumpia was okay. The chocolate sauce was a bit of a disappointment. It seemed to be a little bit too watery.

The Spam musubi was maybe too simple. It too was just okay, nothing spectacular. The teriyaki seasoning on the Spam wasn't very prominent.

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