Tri Ball: Blue Balls, Datzs-A-Spicy-Ball, and Mama's Ball

Photo: Tri Ball: Blue Balls, Datzs-A-Spicy-Ball, and Mama's Ball

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Photo taken along North 13th Street (Philadelphia, PA, USA)

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Tri Ball: choose 3 mix/match
Blue Balls: beef, pork, veal, bacon, stuffed w/ blue cheese, blue cheese sauce, bacon bits, arugula & parm
Datzs-A-Spicy-Ball: spicy sausage, long hots, stuffed w/ jalepeño (sic) cheese, pepper & onion, parm, arugula
Mama's Ball: a mix of beef, pork & veal, arugula & parm cheese

Restaurant information

Mama's Meatballs

Food truck: Philadelphia, PA

Night Market (Philadelphia) Callowhill
N 13th St
Philadelphia, PA
United States

Recollectiveness review

Visit date

June 18, 2015



Service was quick. Wait time was not a problem.

Nice conceptually, but the execution seemed to be off. The buns were overmatched by the meatballs, so using the eating utensils was necessary. The meatballs seemed to be a little bit dry and bland overall. Positives were that the meatballs were served warm, and they were warm for a while. The spicy meatball also wasn't overwhelmingly spicy.

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