BBQ bacon bowl

Photo: BBQ bacon bowl

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Photo taken along Benjamin Franklin Parkway (Philadelphia, PA, USA)

Expanded description

Original Mac topped with Crispy Bacon, Cornbread crumble & Smokey BBQ Drizzle

Restaurant information

Mac Mart

Food truck: Philadelphia, PA

2015 Philadelphia Science Festival
N 20th St and Benjamin Franklin Pkwy
Philadelphia, PA
United States

Recollectiveness review

Visit date

May 2, 2015



Service was quick.

Dish seemed like a creative idea. Toppings were okay, but just ordinary, not premium-feeling. Food temperature was not very warm, but the dish overall seemed to be slightly overcooked. Toppings were cold, and the macaroni was just barely warm. Bacon was more like thin jerky. BBQ sauce seemed too sweet. Cheese was not warm and gooey at all, and was basically the opposite of that.

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