Pulled pork sandwich

Photo: Pulled pork sandwich

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Photo taken along 10th Street (Philadelphia, PA, USA)

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Pulled pork sandwich with cole slaw, American cheese, and apple cider vinegar BBQ

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Food truck: Philadelphia, PA

Night Market Philadelphia Chinatown
10th St
Philadelphia, PA
United States

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October 3, 2013



The line was relatively short compared to the other food trucks at the market, and service was prompt.

What was amazing about this sandwich was the combination of textures. The bun was soft, but not crumbly, with an exterior that was still soft, but not quite as much as the interior. The pulled pork wasn't just tender; it tasted like it was grilled, so it had a mouth feel and smokiness more like a burger than a traditional pork sandwich. The cole slaw added yet another dimension to the textures. The vinegary flavor was balanced, not overpowering. The cheese got lost in the mix, and probably wasn't necessary. Overall, the sandwich gave this impression that it was street food, but it was premium street food--a lot of thought went into creating it.

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