3-scoop cup

Photo: 3-scoop cup

Expanded photo information

Photo taken along 10th Street (Philadelphia, PA, USA)

Expanded description

3-scoop cup: (bottom to top) speculoos (non-dairy), cardamom caramel (Philadelphia-style), and red bean rice crisp (Philadelphia-style)

Restaurant information

Little Baby's Ice Cream

Food truck: Philadelphia, PA

Night Market Philadelphia Chinatown
10th St
Philadelphia, PA
United States

Recollectiveness review

Visit date

October 3, 2013



Service was pretty good. It took a while to get ice cream because the line was long, but it helped that there was someone to answer any questions before ordering.

Flavors were creative, but tasted mostly of spices and sugar. It was more interesting to mix the three scoops together and taste what each flavor contributed than to taste each flavor separately. The speculoos seemed to be subtle, as was the caramel. The rice crisps were mostly soggy; not much crisp.

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